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Step 1

We help the family develop a customized list of colleges that more accurately reflects the student’s academic, intellectual, social and financial fit. 

Step 2

We educate and expand the family’s thought process beyond its initial inclinations and perceptions. We help develop a list of colleges that may vary by geographical region, by character, and by educational experience. 

Step 3

This broadening of perception continues into the college funding discussion emphasizing the need for a balance with the family finances and financial goals. The family can then use this conversation as a starting point with their financial and tax advisors to provide more balance to their long term financial goals.

Step 4

We show the family strategies and methods in order to help improve the student’s chances for admission.

Step 5

If the student gains an understanding of both the intent and methodology of our process, it can help him/her be more proficient at self advocating during college and creating a clearer results oriented pathway through the college years and beyond. 

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What if we could show you how to get through the process with less stress, more confidence and the peace of mind that college funding is not an issue?

How do we do this?

Generally speaking, almost every student's family will be able to find some college, apply and receive an offer of admission. So why hire ProCollege Advisors? We say that we will save you time and money and get better results. What are better results? First of all, “saving you time and money” is a better result by itself. But beyond this, ProCollege Advisors provides students and their families with a new and different perspective on the college process. This usually results in more alternative choices for the family to consider.