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College planning requires financial insight and resolving financial conflicts.

Ask yourself, "Does price equal quality?"

Do you know that a high percentage of students who transfer complete college? Ask yoursef, "Is a transfer an asset or a liability?"

An affordable path can be found; the most significant factor of successful completion of college is one's attitude.

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College Admissions 101


"Over the past twenty-five years, the cost of a college education has risen nearly 500 percent while the average household incomes have increased about 150 percent."


To meet enrollment and expenditures, colleges have hired enrollment managers and began sophisticated marketing campaigns to attract students. Their efforts have been successful; the number of applications submitted to colleges has increased dramatically. They tout their yield rates. Moreover, they boast about their six year graduation rate. You may ask, "What has happened to the four-year baccalaureate and the four-year tuition room and board?"


From your perspective, the college process should be about the education provided by the particular institution, the endless opportunities available to enhance student growth, the attainment of one's first job and pursuit of a career.


You may be wondering, "Are English 101 and Chemistry at a public university and a private college of equal value? Which college can be the best investment that may yield the highest financial return? Who will place value on your education? Will it be you, your family, friends, rankings or an employer?"


"What is the true cost and value of a four-year baccalaureate that extends to six years, thus delaying entrance to the job force by two years?"


Certainly there are characteristics of a college or university, its academia and/or opportunities that are well worth the cost for your unique goals and career path. Keep in mind that there are those that don't make a bit of sense for you. Be wary of college rankings and trends; the best plan is your plan.


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College selection requires knowing the subtle differences in colleges, knowing the correct questions to ask and getting the best value.

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