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College admission is now a very big business. The competition for the benefits that a college degree provides is greater than ever. For the first time in many generations, today's high school and college students will have fewer financial opportunities than their parents' generation. Planning and developing strategies for college is a must!


Providing guidance on college preparation

Early planning is extremely important. A student who waits can significantly limit his/her options and alternatives because of competition and cost considerations. The student needs a competitive advantage among college applicants in order to get the best college value. Having a strong resume creates a good impression with the colleges. An earlier start may lead to a better resume.

College screen for fit

Reviewing colleges online, through catalogs, or in person can be an extremely tedious process. It consumes time that many families do not have available. We can help you streamline the process.

Assisting with the college admissions process

Because fewer than 40% of all college students finish their education in four years (if at all), many families are turning to professionals to assist them in managing the college admissions process.  The impact of poor college selection, lack of knowledge, and under-funding can be devastating to both the family and the student. We provide free workshops, interviews, and consultations to help families determine their specific needs and the degree of professional help they may need.

Identifying the ideal match for you

Published rankings create a linear hierarchy of academia that is void of the breadth, depth and individuality of impressive universities, colleges and programs. As a result, a race for the the "trophy" ensues rather than a search for your ideal match.

Maintaining a clear line of communication

Students communicate with advisors through one-to-one meetings, e-mail, phone and web conferencing. ProCollege Advisors has a student centered focus whereby the student assumes a significant role in his/her path to college. We assist throughout the process.

Delivering comprehensive strategies

We meet with parents to discuss the college selection process from their perspective, as well as from the student’s and the college’s. We provide strategies designed to guide the student in a manner that is ideal for the student and his/her family.

Creating opportunities

With personal attention we assist with the college search. Our goal is to identify the colleges that are the best fit for you. We assist with creating opportunities and experiences to help optimize the student's growth and college admission at your ideal cost.

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