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4 Benefits of Working With a College Coach

What are the benefits of working with a college coach? Navigating the college applications and admissions process, and combining that with all of the financial challenges that are tied to college, is a very difficult task to take on. At ProCollege Advisors, we think there are numerous benefits of working with a college coach.

Here are some of the 4 of the primary reasons that we think you should work with a dedicated college coach.

Benefit 1:

College coaches can help your student get a competitive advantage for acceptances scholarships and more.

We, and many other college coaches, have years of experience navigating the college process. We have assisted many students and families through the process, and have a great track record. An average family may only deal with the college process 2-4 times, whereas we deal with the college process dozens of times each year. College coaches monitor admissions trends and can offer insight to help students position themselves in the best position possible.

Benefit 2:

College coaches can save you time by keeping you focused on the priority tasks and streamlining the amount of research that you need to do.

Most individuals get conflicting information from family and friends or wander all over the internet looking for guidance or ideas. We at ProCollege Advisors become your personal guide showing you the easy way to climb the mountain of information that is available.

Benefit 3:

College coaches can help put students in a competitive position to maximize scholarships awarded by colleges.

There are multiple strategic decisions to make during the application and financial aid processes. Having a dedicated college coach who has experience, and has seen the outcomes before, is crucial for maximizing a student's chance for scholarships.

Benefit 4:

A college coach can act as a buffer between parents and students. There is a ton of work to take on, and a lot of difficult decisions to make. This can cause unnecessary friction for families.

We allow you (the parents) to be the "good" side and remain in a supportive role for the student. Our job is to streamline everything for you and the student to reduce stress and get the best outcome possible.


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