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How is ProCollege Advisors different compared to using a school counselor?

ProCollege Advisors offers a unique, individualized approach for every student and family that we work with. Counselors that work in high schools are busy, they have a ton of responsibilities and often do not have the time to work with every single student on an individual basis!

ProCollege Advisors works closely with you (the parents) to ensure that all of your questions are answered and concerns are addressed throughout our process. Another differentiator is that we cover the full scope of the college admissions process from academics through finances. Many times school guidance counse

lors are not involved in the financial side of things, or do not have the direct industry expertise to help navigate the complicated process of funding a college education. In addition, they are often not aware of, and do not have time to fully evaluate a families complex financial situation to understand limitations and offer solutions.

At ProCollege Advisors we value using ALL available resources to put your family in the best, and most competitive position possible. We lean on in school counselors when necessary, but provide the additional support that you are looking for.


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