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Posted December 1, 2020

Are you struggling with your college search and applications?


ProCollege Advisors can be your guide for college admissions in the world impacted by the covid virus!

ACT Test Dates

Spring 2021

February 6, 2021

(Registration 1/15)

April 17, 2021

(Registration 3/12)

June 12, 2021

(Registration 5/7)






SAT Test Dates

Spring 2021

March 13, 2021

(Registration 2/12)

May 8, 2021

(Registration 4/8)

June 5, 2021

(Registration 5/6)





Monthly Tip

Juniors: Begin to prep for the SAT/ACT.

Take Virtual College Tours

Seniors: Start prioritizing your college list.

Check each college website for accepted student activities & availability.


Parents: Check deadline dates for CSS Profile and/or FAFSA financial forms.



If you are visiting this website, you are probably a teenager or parent of a teen who is somewhere on the road towards college. We hope to make your journey easier and more successful.


The increasing number of choices, overwhelming costs, and a hyper-competitive process potetially make the college admissions process very frustrating. Relatively minor mistakes may prompt disappointing outcomes. Many mistakes can be avoided with a thorough understanding of today's college admissions process and how it relates to your family.


At ProCollege Advisors, we provide a thorough assessment of the student's personal attributes, learning style, personal and career goals, and the family's financial resources. We can help maximize the student's college choices by assisting in finding the best matches—academically, socially and financially. We hope you enjoy exploring our website and feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.

College Preparation Guidance & Assessment

Is your child on an ideal track? Does your child have a strong resume to be attractive to his/her desired colleges?

College Selection & Application Assistance

Do you know which qualities colleges are looking for in your student? Do you know what colleges may give your child the best financial packages? Does your child need help in making his/her application stand out?

College Funding Review & Strategies

Are you ready to pay for college? Do you know how to avoid costly mistakes in paying for college?

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